BODY CHANGES & GENDER IDENTITY (Season 3 – Episode 10)

Welcome to Episode 10 of Season 3 of the Wise Not Withered Podcast! Today’s episode may be slightly controversial—if you have strong opinions about anything brought up in this episode, feel free to contact me! I’d encourage you to examine your own reaction first though 🙂

The key points are as follows:

1. Diastasis recti – and other conditions that can radically alter bodies, especially during/after pregnancy

2. Brief thoughts on masculinity, femininity, relationship dynamics/polarity

3. Non-binary—what role gender plays in this project

4. Diversity – trying to please everyone vs. keeping it narrow and specific

5. Goal is to see more of something we haven’t seen a lot of—NOT to exclude or shame anyone (no way that can be perfect and 100% without personal bias)

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