Thanks for tuning in to another episode of Season 3 of the Wise Not Withered Podcast. Season 3 focuses on behind-the-scenes happenings and musings. The 5 key points this month are as follows:

  1. Strange for a young woman to be doing a project focused on older women? Many people have thought so!
  2. Characters that still need a writer or illustrator:
    1. Candace – illustrator
    2. Tala – writer
    3. Elizaveta – illustrator
    4. Blind Assassin – both writer & illustrator
  3. Cultural belonging – being biracial and my experience sharing that with writers and illustrators; getting triggered by one writer that felt super connected to her own heritage
  4. Respectfully letting people down; my thoughts on apologizing
  5. A little painful and I feel resistance in looking through emails I sent over the years; feelings of shame coming up in messages never answered; my thoughts on ghosting

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