LOVE OVER FEAR (Season 3 – Episode 1)

Listen to the episode here on Podbean:

It’s Season 3 of the Wise Not Withered Podcast! This season is a personal challenge for myself, while also an opportunity for me to open up about all of the experiences I’ve gone through over the last three and a half years since beginning this project in earnest. Instead of reading from a script as I have done in the past twenty-five episodes, I will be writing five key points and riffing on those in a free-form talking style.

The key points for today’s episode are as follows:

  1. Love over fear
  2. Hundreds of cold emails
  3. Scouring Behance and Instagram for art and poems
  4. Many self-pep talks
  5. Plan things, but be open to challenges and keep pushing forward
Cute little monkey journal where I took notes and journaled about my experiences with the Wise Not Withered project over the last three and a half years
Self-pep talk that I wrote and stuck on my wall as an encouraging reminder while sending so many cold emails

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