My Definition of Success

As I throw myself head-first into the recruiting process for this giant project, I have been asked so many questions by potential artists, which I absolutely love. Nothing signifies to me that someone cares more than a series of detailed questions. And my answer to one particular artist’s question is worth sharing publicly.

While the tangible end goal is to have a package of thought-provoking art to send to video game companies, the real underlying goal for me is to expand my own world view and interact with and create amazing art with creative women from all over the world. If the package we send to the game companies goes completely ignored, I’ll be okay. I will not hinge my success upon the approval or disapproval of one person.

My definition of success will be simply to have completed the project, gotten to know women from cultures outside of my own, and collaborated with them on something outside of ourselves. At the end, we will have a portfolio of inspiring art that we can look back on and be proud of everything we learned, and the connections we made.


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