Phase 2 – Global Outreach to 4 Types of Artists

Phase 2 of the Wise Not Withered project is where the connection, creativity, and collaborative magic really begins.

As I mentioned in the introductory post of my Wise Not Withered project, the end goal is to send a package to video game companies to encourage them to diversify the ages of their female protagonists. The package will include my introductory letter, pictures, stories, and music, and will incorporate the talents of

  • character designers/illustrators
  • story-tellers/writers
  • voice actresses, and
  • cinematic score composers.

Because the demographic I am advocating for is women, the project will be entirely by women, but for everyone.

Phase 2.0 is where illustrators and writers will work with each other and me on character designs and development.

Phase 2.1 is where voice actresses and composers will work with each other and me on further developing and bringing to life the characters and their stories.

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